4 Reasons Your Next Family Vacation Destination Should Be Louisiana

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Are you looking to plan a vacation to a new destination in the United States? You could go with one of the typical options like Florida, New York, or California. Instead, you could try out a more unique family vacation by visiting Louisiana. Whether you want to visit New Orleans or hope to take advantage of all the wetlands and wildlife Louisiana has to offer, there?s plenty of reasons to visit this great state. Don?t miss out on an opportunity to take a vacation your family won?t forget soon.

Interested in learning more about all that Louisiana has to offer to tourists and visitors? Keep reading to find out why your family should take their family vacation to this state.

4 Reasons Why Your Family Will Enjoy Visiting Louisiana

Take a trip that will leave your family happy and satisfied by heading to Louisiana this year. You?ll enjoy the great outdoors, great food, and great culture on this family vacation. Read more about these four reasons why Louisiana is a must-see travel destination.

1. Moderate temperatures in Louisiana

One reason Louisiana is a popular travel destination is for its moderate weather. Unlike Florida with its hot weather or New York with its chilly winters, Louisiana?s average temperature is around 69 degrees. It?s the perfect temperature to get outside for sightseeing without being too hot or too cold at any point in the day. That means your family can travel to Louisiana at any point in the year. You don?t really have to worry about planning a family vacation around the weather patterns. With weather like this, it?s understandable why the state is predicted to receive more than 31 million visitors during the year 2019.

2. Most wetlands of any state

Louisiana offers a variety of outdoor activities to its visitors. One of its most popular outdoor features are its wetlands. Throughout the state, there are around 11,000 square miles of floodplains. In addition to that, there are 7,800 square miles of coastal swamps, marshes, and estuaries. All-in-all, the wetlands in Louisiana make up nearly 41% of all those that exist in the United States.

With so many swamps and wetlands, it?s no surprise that one activity the family can enjoy in Louisiana is to go on a swamp tour. When you tour the swamp, who knows what all you?ll see!

3. Kayak Swamp Tour

If you prefer to get a little exercise in while exploring the wetlands in Louisiana, there are a variety of opportunities like going kayaking. When you?re kayaking on the swamp, you can get up close and personal with nature and the wildlife. It’ll be a different experience than simply viewing the swamps and wetlands from a trail. Hopping into a kayak also helps you experience the swamps and wetlands first-hand rather than viewing them from a boat. With a guided tour, you’ll learn even more about Louisiana’s swamps as they offer information as you kayak through it. The family will definitely remember kayaking as their favorite activity from the trip.

4. Explore New Orleans

When you?re ready to explore the city, they?ll be plenty to do in a place like New Orleans. It?s a city full of so much culture, that your family will be surprised at what they find when walking the streets. Be ready to eat delicious food and see interesting sights when exploring New Orleans. Founded in 1718, it?s nearly 300 years old, so there?s tons of culture waiting for you here.

A trip to Louisiana is exactly what your family needs this year. It?ll provide the family the opportunity to get out in the great outdoors, get a little physical exercise kayaking, and embrace a culture that may be a little unfamiliar. Take some time to explore more reasons why visiting Louisiana should be on your family?s vacation destination bucket list.

Have you decided to plan a family vacation to Louisiana? What are some activities you hope to do on your family vacation? Share your experiences and research in the comments.

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