Five Tips for Taking the Best Early Fall Camping Trips

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Have you ever taken any early fall camping trips? Early fall camping trips provide some of the best opportunities to soak in the crisp morning air and the colorful foliage, before the weather gets too chilly to enjoy being outside. If you’ve never taken any early fall camping trips, stand by for our tips for finding the best camp resorts this time of year.

Five Tips for Taking the Best Early Fall Camping Trips

  1. Do your research to find the best family camping vacation spots in your area.

    Perhaps you don’t mind traveling a bit to get to the ideal camping grounds for your fall-time camping adventure. If not, there’s a good chance that there is an awesome campsite within a couple hours from. The trick is finding it.

    You can start by checking out, a federally-run website that will tell you all of the campsites in your area, and even includes reviews from other campers of the condition and experiences they had there. Once you’ve narrowed down your potential camping spots to a short list, it’s easier to figure out which is the best for your Autumn outing. You can also ask around to local camping supply shops, or check out message boards in your area, to get ideas for where the dedicated “outdoorsy” types of people like to visit.

  2. Look for camp sites that offer discounts.

    One of the advantages of going camping this time of year (other than the actual enjoyment of going camping this time of year) is that because it is not “peak season,” many camp grounds offer lower fees for entry. This offers you a great adventure, at a lower cost!

    If you are interested in having an Autumn camping adventure but don’t have much of a budget to work with, you might be able to pull your trip off for next to nothing this way. Simply contact the camp grounds in your area an ask about this if you are interested in it.
  3. Go where the leaves are.

    If you specifically want to take a fall camping trip, we’re willing to bet one of your greatest reasons for it is the beautiful fall colors. It would be a real bummer to get to your campsite, envisioning a colorful burst of foliage all around you, but only finding bare, lifeless trees.

    The timing that the leaves change to vibrant colors and fall to the ground varies by the latitude and temperature of your area, but generally, this happens between September and October. If you live in a warm environment, you might be able to catch it in early November. The point is, do some research about when the trees are the most vibrant in your area and plan your fall camping adventure around it. You can contact a local plant nursery or a hiking supply shop to inquire about this; that would get you in touch with someone who either knows trees or knows about being outdoors this time of year!

  4. Be mindful of the weather.

    One downside to going camping this time of year is that the weather can be unpredictable (although, that can be the case any time of year). One day is perfect, and the next day you’re in the throws of a violent blizzard. If you’re camping in the mountains, the higher altitude makes you more prone to colder weather and snow. The days prior to leaving for your camping outing, you should pay attention to the forecast in your area.

    Even if the weather seems temperate, you should always pack for extreme weather. This time of year, it’s not unusual for the forecast to say mild weather ahead, and then to run into rain, hail, and snow.

  5. Make sure you pack sufficiently.

    On the subject of being prepared, make sure that you bring everything that you need for your camping adventure. The last thing you want is to get to your destination and realize you lack toilet paper, or another necessity that would really put a damper on your trip.

    Before leaving, contact the campgrounds and get a list of accommodations that are provided (Do they have toilets? Showers? Toilet paper?). Some camp grounds even offer a suggested packing list. This will help ensure you have all the supplies you need.

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