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Empty leg charter flights

Do you fly often? Is business class simply not cutting it for you anymore? Luckily, there’s another solution at hand — flying on empty leg charter flights. These empty leg charter flights let you have the privacy, comfort, and luxury of flying on a private jet for a fraction of the price. You’re on important business and deserve some quiet time alone, without screaming babies, limited legroom, and chilly cabin temperatures. First class can only go so far — the real luxury is flying on a private jet. If you’re not quite willing to spring for that expense, empty leg charter flights are a good compromise between lavishness and frugality. You’ll be able to stretch out, relax, and enjoy your flight to and from your business destinations.
What Exactly Are Empty Leg Charter Flights and Why Are They Cheaper Than Taking a Private Jet?
An empty leg flight is when a customer that’s already signed on with the jet books a one-way to somewhere. The plane still has to go back to the airport it came from, and without charging and carrying a passenger, that creates a cost deficit. The flight crew must still be paid and put up, the fuel must still be used and paid for, and other costs of taking a flight are still there. So it’s really in the best interest of the jet management services to take on paying passengers, even if they can’t charge the full private jet price.
Because the empty leg flight is usually one-way, with a fixed destination at a certain time, the aircraft operator of the private jet charters has to charge a bit less to make up for the loss of flexibility. They can often be discounted as much as 75%, compared to the full charter price. In some cases, they may not even be much more than flying in a regular commercial airplane, but the increase in comfort and privacy is significant!
Why Fly in the First Place?
Since we were first able to take to the air, we’ve found it a fast way to get around, especially over long distances. One can go from New York City to London or Berlin in under eight hours. On a boat, that could take weeks. Every day, over 8 million people take to the air on average, either for business or for pleasure. An air charter provides convenient access and has the ability to go in and out of over 5,000 public use airports in the United States — access 100 times better than that of airlines, which are more strictly regulated.
Flying is almost a given for many businesses — the average business aircraft passenger has gone on at least 15 business trips in the last six months that necessitated travel by air. With the introduction of onboard WiFi, you can even get work done in the air. Those who travel on company aircraft also reported that they were 20% more productive than if they were in the office! And over 65% of their time is spent doing work-related tasks; either meeting with colleagues or individual tasks. You don’t have to sacrifice your productivity just because you’re in transit.
Where Can I Find Empty Leg Charter Flights?
The best place to look for empty leg charter is usually online. Private jet charter companies will often join a marketplace to get a wider audience and you can comparison shop and see if a charter company has flights that match up with your travel schedule. The more flexible you are, the better. If your company already deals with a particular carrier, it’s in your best interests to get to know their routes and what sort of deals they have at any given time. They may also be more accommodating of their own accord if they have a relationship already established with you or your company. A simple phone call can often work wonders!
If you spend a significant percentage of your work life traveling, you want it to be in comfort. Try looking into an empty leg flight for maximum comfort, privacy, and productivity!

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