How to Really Experience New Orleans, Authentic Cajun Style

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It’s so easy to find unique things to do in New Orleans because, well, the Big Easy is a unique kind of place. But in order to truly appreciate and thoroughly experience New Orleans’s uniqueness, you have to throwback to its rich, often tumultuous past.

unique things to do in New OrleansThe greater New Orleans metropolitan area, as well as the city’s center, is rife with culture. This can easily be seen in the city’s architecture, its cuisine, and even in its people, who come from all different backgrounds and come in many different shades.

These cultural influences can even be heard in the area’s distinct local dialect of American English, that is neither traditional Southern nor completely Cajun. Rather, it’s a mix of several different English dialects from various immigrant groups and Cajun (a dialect of French spoken mostly in Louisiana) that have blended to create the famous, almost musical accent that New Orleans natives are known for.

While Big Easy tours are a popular tourist destination in the city of New Orleans and can allow you to immerse yourself in the many fascinating aspects of its culture, they may not be for everyone. If you’re looking for something a little less “touristy” and want to check out the same places in New Orleans that locals frequent, there are plenty of unique things to do in New Orleans that will provide you with a truly authentic experience.

Of course, no New Orleans experience, whether you’re a local or a tourist, is complete without visiting the French Quarter. Referred to simply as “the Quarter” by locals, the French Quarter is the city’s oldest neighborhood, and is an eclectic blend of authentic New Orleanian restaurants and tourist hot spots. Of all the famous places in New Orleans, the French Quarter is definitely a must-see.

Tucked away in the French Quarter is Royal Street, one of the neighborhood’s oldest streets and the place where all the locals go to do their shopping. There are a variety of restaurants, intimate music venues, and hidden-gem boutiques that will allow you to experience the Big Easy behind the scenes — without feeling like too much of a tourist.

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