For a True New Orleans Experience, the French Quarter is a Must See


what to do in new orleans french quarterYou don’t have to be born on the bayou in order to enjoy a truly authentic Cajun experience. Simply head down to New Orleans in order to get a taste — literally — of this complex, rich, and vibrant culture.

The Big Apple seems to always be in the spotlight (think Broadway, Fashion Week, New Year’s in Times Square, etc.), the Big Easy gives New York City a run for its money due to the variety of activities in New Orleans. Whether it’s taking in the historically famous places in New Orleans, visiting one of the many alligator farms, or boating through the swamp, there are a number of unique things to do in New Orleans that will allow to experience what Cajun life is all about.

Although there are several beautiful places in New Orleans, the French Quarter will allow you to experience several facets of Cajun culture all in one central location. So if you’re wondering what to do and what to see in New Orleans, the French Quarter is where it’s at. Of all the amazing sites to see in New Orleans, the French Quarter is a must.

If you’re wondering what to do in New Orleans French Quarter, here’s just a few ideas to get you started.

The French Quarter is the city’s oldest and most-visited district. Old world-style wrought iron balconies and Spanish-inspired architecture reflect the city’s rich history and cultural influences. So when in Rome — or New Orleans — it’s best to eat as the locals do. Café du Monde, located at 800 Decatur Street, is one of world’s most famous cafés and serves up traditional French fare, such as sugary beignets (French donuts) and creamy café au lait. Breakfast here will only set you back about $5.

While you’re enjoying your meal, you can bask in glory that is St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square, a colonial, European-style plaza that considered the heart and soul of the French Quarter. Jackson Square is brimming with activity, and is home to a number of boutiques, street performers, and even fortune tellers to keep you entertained.

While you’re there, if you need some guidance as to what to do in New Orleans French Quarter — the sheer number of things to do around New Orleans can be intimidating — consider going on a guided tour. The 1850 House Museum bookstores offers fascinating walking tours which focus on the architecture, history, and local folklore of the French Quarter. The best part? Tickets are only $15!

This is just a small taste of what the city of New Orleans has to offer and what to do in New Orleans French Quarter.

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