How to Experience a Different Side of New Orleans That Many Tourists Don’t Get to See

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what to see in New Orleans Sure, Mardi Gras is the ultimate “turn up” spot, but the city of New Orleans has a lot more to offer than just a killer party scene. In fact, if there’s anywhere in the country that’s reflective of America’s reputation as a melting pot, it’s the Big Easy.

New Orleans is a vibrant, thriving city with a rich cultural and historical past that can still be experienced in today’s modern times. While there are several entertainment venues and party activities in New Orleans, a visit to this diverse city wouldn’t be complete without soaking some of the more unique and off-the-beaten places in New Orleans.

Also dubbed the Crescent City due to the way it curves around Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans was established by French colonists and still retains its strong European influence. This is perhaps most apparent in the city’s French and Spanish Creole architecture which can be seen on Big Easy tours.

After Napoléon Bonaparte — yes, that Napoléon — sold New France (modern day Louisiana) to the United States in 1803 as part of the historic Louisiana Purchase, the city of New Orleans grew rapidly. The diverse mix of French, Spanish, Creoles (descendants of colonists who have mixed European, Native American, and African heritage) and Africans created the Cajun flare the city is known for today.

With all this culture and so much to do, it can be difficult to figure out what to see in New Orleans during your visit. So, if you’re trying to figure out what to see in New Orleans that will allow you to experience life as the locals do, head to the city’s most historic neighborhood; the French Quarter, known simply as the Quarter by locals.

Of all the unique things to do in New Orleans, a tour may seem a bit, well, “touristy”, however, the Historic Voodoo Museum located at 724 Dumaine Street in the Quarter offers a 3 hour supernaturally-theme walking tour for under $20. This will allow to experience a different side of New Orleans culture that many tourists often do not get to see. However, voodoo (an Earth or spirit-based religion steeped in ritual) is intrinsically entwined in New Orleans culture and a history, a fact which locals embrace.

On the other hand, any guided tour will allow you to know what to see in New Orleans and what else you might like to experience if the supernatural is a bit too creepy for your liking.

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