Need To Travel On A Budget? Try A Charter Bus

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Everyone looks forward to their next vacation or cross-country trip, but nobody looks forward to paying for gas, tire inflation and car check-ups! While some choose to rent a car or carpool with friends to save on frustrating gas costs and repair fees, others still look for alternatives to help them save on expenses while still giving them the trip of a lifetime. Charter bus rental, as well as commercial air flight, are fast becoming the ideal options for business travelers and families alike to coast across the country without worrying about extensive costs and stressful traveling checklists. You can even do your part to assist the environment and make your country a cleaner and healthier place to live! Let’s look at the numerous benefits of charter bus rental and how bus tours or airport shuttles can help everyone on your next trip!

Did You Know?

The motorcoach industry has been blooming over the past few years due to changing lifestyles, a fluctuating economy and evolving expectations involving travel — it accounts for well over 600 million passenger trips every year across the United States and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down! Charter bus travel is frequently cited as a cheap and stress-free alternative to traveling by car, freeing up students to study on the go and families to focus on bonding instead of finding the next highway exit. Motorcoaches also emit the least amount of carbon dioxide (CO2 for short) per passenger mile compared to other vehicles like cars and trucks, which means there are plenty of environmental benefits on top of the already convenient price range.

Environmental Benefits Of Charter Travel

Not only are motorcoaches more affordable — they’re easier on the environment! Switching to motorcoach travel for the average 12,500 miles gained by a single automobile would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a whopping 4.3 tons per vehicle every year! Not only that, but multiple people using a bus also clears up the road and causes less wear and tear to freeways, bridges and surrounding plant life. A single, full motorcoach has the potential of removing a whopping 55 automobiles from the highway! But what if a charter bus isn’t the option you’re looking for?

Commercial Airlines

Perhaps a charter bus rental isn’t what you need. Sometimes you need to cross a vast distance in a short amount of time, meaning a plane is the ideal option to get where you need to go! More than three million people around the country choose commercial airlines to safely travel, with well over 19,000 airports, heliports and landing facilities operating in the United States alone. National airports are located in 31 states across the country and work around the clock to provide millions of people the secure travel they need, from commercial flights to private airlines. For those that could still use a little privacy or need some panache for a special occasion, limousines are one of the best picks around.

Limousine Companies

Last, but certainly not least, you can always choose a limousine to travel in style! Limousine companies offer work to 275,000 people in the United States and transport well over 400 million passengers for reasons ranging from business trips to weddings. The average limo can carry anywhere from 16 to 20 passengers, meaning a special occasion can be made more stylish and more convenient with the aid of a stretch limousine company. Whether it’s using charter bus travel for school, an airport express shuttle for the holidays or a limo for a party, there’s a classy and affordable mode of transportation for any of your needs just waiting to be used!

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