Camping Across the Nation What You Might Be Missing Out On

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Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States with figures from 2010 showing that around 40 million campers went for a total of 515 outings. As figures continue to increase year by year, those who fear an encroachment of technology onto our everyday lives can rest assured that camping will remain one of the nation’s most enjoyable pastimes. Camping may be so popular due to it’s break from technology in fact; many Americans express the relief of being able to leave their cellular phones and tablets turned off and just spontaneously escape. Whatever the reason, here are some facts on three of the most popular forms of camping in the U.S.

“Roughing” It

Primitive campsites may not be for the feint of heart or beginner, as camping in a tent or under the stars with minimal equipment can prove to be a challenge for all but the most experienced of campers. Those who venture out and try it are often hooked for the reliance on developed survival skills, need for campsite management, and reward of self-sufficiency. Tent camping is the most popular form of camping with up to 86% of campers doing so at least once a year. Naturally, those who camp with tents and “rough” it are more likely to participate in other outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, and canoeing depending on where their campsite is. Although tent camping is popular, those who camp in a tent also have some of the shortest outings of any demographic with nearly 70% of tent camper only staying for one or two nights at a time.

Recreational Vehicle Campgrounds

Recreational vehicles include pop-up campers, trailers, and motorhomes and are used in nearly a quarter of all camping trips. Since around 70% of all camping is done in public campgrounds which often offer electricity and water resources, many Americans invest in more comfortable camping arrangements to further separate themselves from the outdoors. Although camping purists may disdain the idea of living apart from nature while camping, many recreational vehicles come with added comforts such as soft beds, air conditioning and heating, and even television. Recreational vehicle campers are shown to take some of the most camping trips during the year, traveling an average of 191 miles from their home to their campground over an average of 5 trips throughout the year. In addition, recreational vehicle campers tend to have the longest outings with 28% spending five or more nights on a single trip.

Vacation Cabins

Although there does seem to be a philosophical divide between tent campers and recreational vehicle campers, this divide is simply a matter of what one enjoys doing as a camping trip ought to be akin to a vacation. While camping trips are typically cheaper than a vacation, many people are trying to find a midway point by renting out vacation cabins. Up to 33% of campers did so using vacation cabins nestled in some of the most scenic locations nature has to offer. Many campgrounds and state parks have cabins available for rent, and some natural tourist attractions like Southern Ohio’s Hocking Hills have dozens of private vacation cabins to rent in the proximity. For a romantic encounter for two, a family getaway, or a place for friends to get out of the city, there is no substitute for a secluded cabin in the heart of nature itself.

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