Don’t Be a Statistic Take Your Vacation Days and Be Relaxed

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Spring officially begins on March 19 this year. If that seems just a day or two too early, the Old Farmer’s Almanac says to blame it on 2016 being a leap year. When even the spring equinox is early, can we all be forgiven for daydreaming about our summer vacations at work? Perhaps it will even be to one of those all inclusive resorts down south this year. After all, it could be argued that time away from work can help boost productivity. A well-rested mind can better focus on the task at hand.

Luxury resorts are prime vacation spots for ultimate relaxation. The guest does not have to worry about a thing. Now, if your idea of relaxation is roughing it in some remote mountain area, read no further. But if the idea of sun and sand and no worries appeals to you, read below for reasons why a vacation away may do you (and your family) a world of good.

Don’t Be Like Everyone Else: Take Advantage of Your Vacation Days.

In one 2013 survey by Glassdoor, it was discovered that a surprising 75% of employees with paid time off did not take their vacation. Now, surely there are good reasons to miss a vacation: sickness, whether yourself or a family member; lack of funds; there really is not a third reason, actually. Outside of emergencies, just about everything can be rescheduled or delegated. If you think the business cannot carry on without you, it is likely you need a break more than anyone.

We cannot all afford one of those glorious luxury villas or all inclusive resorts we see online. But it is completely realistic to set aside some time to completely “un-plug.” So be one of the 25% of employees who wisely do take advantage of their annual paid vacation days. Experts recommend taking a short break every hour or so when you are working to keep your mind fresh. A similar policy applies to the entire year. Coming back to work after some time away can help you see your work with new eyes.

Leave Work at the Office: Don’t Work on Your Vacation.

In one survey, 61% of participants admitted that they keep working even on vacation. It is one thing to bring home a project that has an approaching deadline. It is another problem entirely when your time away from work is nonexistent. People who love their work may disagree, claiming that work is their life. But truthfully, those people are few and far between. Most of us resent any extra work that is brought home. Extra files to be analyzed or papers with boxes to be checked are intruding on our “other” life (everyone needs a life outside of work).

When you are constantly tired, grumpy, and everyday events begin to seem dull and grey, you are surely not doing your best work. Carrying on in this way for too long may even make you dissatisfied with your life. That is a sure sign that something needs to change. Although workaholics may secretly compare themselves to highly efficient machines, they are not, and their self-care must reflect this. Even machines need to be restarted sometimes, though your “restart” may be lounging in the sun at one of those all inclusive resorts or a beach somewhere tropical.

Take some time today to envision your perfect vacation. Does it involve all inclusive resorts? Or do you wish for a simple vacation rental to spend time with your family? Villa rentals can be a nice option as well if you desire luxury, more space, and more privacy. There is no wrong answer. It is your time to relax. Never feel guilty for admitting that some time off work would be nice, even desperately needed. Take time away from the hustle and bustle, especially if your company offers paid vacation.

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